I broke my air purifier by falling on it

I broke my air purifier by falling on it. It is sort of funny looking back, but I am actually quite upset about breaking my air purifier. I feel like such a loser. I have only had that air purifier for about three months. I got it as a gift from my mom for my birthday. I actually took the air purifier all over the house with me. If I knew that I would be spending a lot of time in the living room one day, I would put the air purifier in the living room. If I was going to be in the office, I would take it to the office with me. Well, we just finished our basement a few days ago, and I put the air purifier down there hoping that it would help get rid of the paint smell. It actually did seem to work. After it was down there for a few days, I wanted to bring it back upstairs. On my way down the basement stairs to grab the air purifier, I ended up tripping and falling down the stairs. The worst part was landing on the air purifier. I was not injured, thankfully. My pride was hurt, and my poor air purifier was destroyed though. I was more upset about the air purifier than anything else. I actually cried. My poor husband thought that I was injured. After about a minute and half of just sobbing, I finally got it out that I was crying because of the air purifier. He was not too thrilled, but he still held me for a few minutes. I am really going to miss my air purifier.
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