I can always trust my heat pump

There are plenty of reasons to live in this region.

The weather is certainly one of the main ones for me. Living without a long, cold winter is how I want to spend my remaining days on earth. And where I live, that is the sort of winter I get. Still, I have the HVAC company send out an HVAC technician in the fall of each year. Actually, the air conditioning is still often running when the HVAC professional comes out to do the heating maintenance. That should give a pretty clear indication of just how mild the winter is where I live now. During an occasional cold snap, the heat pump might come on for a few hours to knock the chill out of the house. And I might have to get the hoodies out of the closet. Still, I haven’t worn anything but shorts year round since I moved here. At the same time, the weather can cause some people to bail out on this region. Specifically, I’m talking about the summer heat and humidity. For me, it’s four months of sizzle for 8 months of near perfection. But for some, it’s just too much. They feel trapped inside the HVAC cooling all the time and really can’t get accustomed to the heat. I’m good with the summer because I can always trust my heat pump. My heat pump delivers great HVAC cooling to manage the heat of summer. But it also balances the humidity levels in my home as well so I don’t have to deal with mold growth. So in my case, I’ll take the heat as long as I never have to deal with snow, ice and forever winters.

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