I can finally buy a coffee.

I’m not someone who likes to go very much. I was quite happy staying at home for the last several months. My wife wasn’t the happiest because she is much more social than I am, but I told her she could go online and talk to anyone. I had to admit that after a couple months, I was getting itchy to go out. There is a coffee shop right around the corner from our apartment building. They have the best coffee I have ever tasted and I wanted to go there. When my wife was working, I would take my laptop to the coffee shop, sip on coffee and have my lunch while working. The people there were the nicest and no one bothered me except to offer a bagel and more coffee. Now that it was summer, I had other reasons to want to go to my coffee shop. They had the best air conditioning of anywhere I had ever been. My apartment has good air conditioning, but it is nothing like the AC in the coffee shop. I could sit there for hours and be totally comfortable. There were times when I would look out at the rain and wonder if I really had to go back to my apartment, but then I remembered my wife. One day, I heard the coffee shop had reopened. I couldn’t wait to go back. I woke my wife up early and told her we had to go out. She shook her head and laughed. She knew I would be running to the coffee shop as soon as they opened.