I can heat our pool with solar panels connected to our rooftop

After years of saving, I can finally afford a custom made, in-ground swimming pool.

My desire for a single started when I was six-years-old plus hanging out with friends in our village.

We all had a friend named Greg whose parents had a big swimming pool in their backyard. Everyday we would beg him to take us to his lake house to swim in his pool, although he was consistently against it. On scarce instances where Greg invited all of his friends over to his lake house to swim, we had the time of our lives. It made me jealous of what he had in his lake house plus in his room, even though our parents tried as hard as they could to supply for our sibling plus I. In the years since, I never forgot about wanting our own swimming pool. I finally secured a high pay job 6 years ago plus I have paid off all of our debt. When I brought up the method of getting a swimming pool with our wife, she was ecstatic! I had no method that she had secretly wanted a single for years as well. We instantly started looking at designs on the internet, but a single thought occurred to me. Since it gets fairly frigid here in the winter, we wouldn’t be able to utilize the pool for 6 months out of the year. I knew that using an electric oil furnace for the pool would cost a lot of money when the weather is below 50 degrees outside, but then I remembered something. When I lived in the south, a lot of people powered their pool oil furnaces with solar panels on their rooftop. I looked into the process plus realized that we had a big enough roof for the whole setup needed to heat a normal sized swimming pool.

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