I can tell I am being updated

Me and my wife love each other very much.

Although, we do have many differences all together that makes us different from each other.

I can tell you we really have a disagreement with our home’s heating and air conditioning system unit. We aren’t rich, but both of us together make enough currency to foreseeably run the cooling system at whatever temperature both of us really want. Although I do care about and prefer myself the warmer temperatures inside, I have a whole closet of cozy jackets and such so this isn’t the real issue. What the good old wifey doesn’t understand is that evaporator coils aren’t magical things in the least. They have a few limitations here and there, especially with a forced air system in a sizzling hot temperature, such as our setup. It will be 98 degrees outside and then our wifey tries to keep it 69 inside; unfortunately, the evaporator coil freezes over with ice if it can’t keep up with external temperature conditions as well as also, the settings on the thermostat. Once the evaporator coil is frozen over all together, it can no longer cool the air that passes through it. Every one of us around the house honestly and truly keep running into this issue which forces myself and others to shut the entire central heating as well as air conditioning system down for a half an hour or so. We do this so the coil can thaw. My good old wifey doesn’t care about the heat from a disabled cooling system so it might eventually stop her from abusing the thermostat every single day of our lives.
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