I can’t believe I left behind my favorite drill

It wasn’t long after I got a task working as a Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance person, when my dad obtained me a honestly nice impact drill.

The drill can do everything plus it is cordless.

The drill also comes with another battery, so I never run out of power. It was a fairly nice plus thoughtful gift plus I used it every single day for the past multiple years. Last week, I was actually working on a Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment replacement task plus I left the drill behind. I had a bunch of things on my mind plus I was training a new guy. The guy just got done with Heating plus Air Conditioning training school plus this is the first time he has had hands on training. I have to go over everything that he does to be sure that it is done correctly. It takes 50% longer to get everything completed plus that is a stressful headache. I was honestly bummed out that I left my drill on the Heating plus Air Conditioning replacement job. I really hoped I would be able to get it again. I was installing current Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment in a current construction property. I figured the worksite would be vacant all weekend. I went to the place early on Monday, but there was a crew of people there through the weekend. My drill was nowhere to be found. I left it behind, so I have no one to blame except myself. I hope whoever was able to find the drill will take excellent care of it plus provide it an unbelievable home. It’s worked well for multiple years plus I assume it would entirely last another multiple years.
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