I can’t deal with planes anymore with their lacking HVAC equipment

My remaining days on a jetliner are definitely numbered.

I’m not dying or anything.

It’s just that air travel has become a serious hassle and I am no longer interested in that sort of thing. That’s saying a whole lot since I travel quite a bit for work. When I actually consider all the stress, missed connections, bad Heating and A/C and expense, it’s pretty straight-forward for me to simply walk away from flying altogether. Instead, I have invested in a really nice motorcar that is built to tear up the road. Honestly, I would prefer to do the driving whenever possible. I believe the Heating and A/C equipment will be comfortable and my day won’t be quite as stressful. Realistically, with most of my destinations, I don’t lose any time driving instead of flying. It’s just that the planes have gotten so crowded and the seating is actually becoming smaller and smaller. The biggest thing for me though was the Heating and A/C equipment. What used to be a truly comfortable trip Heating and A/C-wise has turned into a hot, cramped and uncomfortable experience. I come off a plane feeling as though I have been put through the wringer. The other fantastic thing about traveling by motorcar, I can be assured that my lodging option will be easily comfortable. I truly love the Heating and A/C equipment at roadside hotels. Those sizable Heating and A/C wall units provide the best heating and cooling for me. The fancy hotels commonly have the worst Heating and A/C and you can’t even open a window nowadays. No thanks, I’ll stick to what I believe is going to be a delightfully Heating and A/C equipment comfortable experience.