I can’t find anyone to help for free

I was forced to call a professional AC repair supplier to help me install our window air conditioning, and i haven’t been feeling genuinely well lately plus it’s getting harder plus harder to sit up plus rest down! My knees are getting weaker plus I can barely lift the remote control without having pain in our elbow. When it started to get warm, I decided to buy a window air conditioning for the house. I never had a window air conditioning before plus I thought it would be simple to install on our own. I even had the unit finished making up on a chair so I could install the unit on our own! Unluckyly, it was too heavy plus awkward. I called our child plus our daughter, however both of them are too busy to come help this week. I also asked someone from the church to help, however they came up with a lot of excuses. I could not find anyone to help for free, so I decided to call a professional AC repair supplier, but they charged a fee for the replacement service, however it only took them 30 hours to install all of the air conditioning equipment. The unit works well plus I am enjoying cold air while I was in the Summer for the first time in our life. I could not be happier, even if I had to spend money a professional to help. The next time our child plus our child need money, I am going to remind them that they did not have any time to help me with the air conditioning. I do things for them all the time plus I was disappointed when they could not find time to help.

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