I can’t guess i found these

I enjoy to do a lot of digging into store’s dumpsters… Not because I am a street bum, however because a lot of outlet stores throw out perfectly fantastic working things if they are overstocked or whatever.

And this is a fantastic opportunity to get either free things I need or to make a buck by selling things on ebay, and well I could not guess that I honestly found a bunch of dial thermostats in this 1 store’s dumpster the other week! Dial thermostats that were brand new, sealed plus never been opened or used.

I could not imagine what would have been wrong with them. I absolutely thought it was a waste so I decided to take them for myself plus check them out. When I got them back to my home plus checked them out they were in perfect working order! Not a darn thing wrong with them. So I decided to keep a few for myself in the event my thermostat ever broke plus then both of us would go plus sell the others on ebay. There is quite a market for dial thermostats these mornings with a lot of heat plus a/c dealerships only offering smart thermostats. A lot of older people enjoy myself do not enjoy smart thermostats or the technology that goes with them. And with dial thermostats getting harder plus harder to find in common stores, this would be a fantastic way for me to opportunity up a few extra bucks plus also help those out in need of dial thermostats all at the same time. A win/win situation for many. I just do not understand why they were throwing these out!
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