I can’t seem to stop

Ductwork cleaning is the biggest waste of money in my opinion. I paid for the service once and I will never do it again. I don’t know what I expected, but I thought it would be something that I clearly could not do. The HVAC contractor can’t really access the ductwork since it is hidden in the walls and ceiling. The only way the HVAC professional can get close is through the air vent openings. What the guy does next is shove a giant scrub brush up in the vents and move it around. That is the extent of duct cleaning. He goes through every air vent and tries to do a good job, but how does he know? There is no way to see the inside of my HVAC ducts. So when he felt good about his job, he took my money and left. I could not find the exact ductwork cleaning scrub brush he had, but I figured it would not matter. I have fashioned my own extendable brush and have cleaned the air ducts through the vents before. I read online the only danger with DIY ductwork cleaning is causing a tear along the seam in the air ducts. As long as I don’t make a hole, I am good to go. A hole in the ductwork would cause the air to leak outdoors and my bills to raise. I don’t want to get into that. I know I am being more careful than the HVAC contractor though. It is my house, so I have more to lose if I make a mistake.

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