I can’t tell if I’m wasting money

I suppose that our partner might be losing our mind. I don’t think if he is losing his mind or is just a awful listener, but I am at a loss for words. All of us currently live inside of a unquestionably large house that our mother used to live in. It’s a multiple kitchen plus 3 washroom house, so it’s safe to say that it is way too big for us. Since its so massive, I try to make sure to only hot up spaces that both of us are living in; My partner however, he doesn’t see this as being unquestionably crucial, why you might ask? I suppose it has to do with the way he was brought up. My partner was born to a unquestionably wealthy family, who pretty much never had to make sure that they weren’t wasting any energy when using their air conditioning or heating units. The other day however, I came lake house from job plus walked into the house to find that the entire house was warm! He had gone out plus installed a heated gas oil furnace into the living room that both of us are never in plus had it at full power, not only was this a total waste of our money, however it was also making the house so hot that it was hard to stay in! When I asked him why in the hell was he heating arenas both of us don’t need, he just shrugged his shoulders.  It’s safe to say that when I finally calmed down to respond to him that day both of us had a unquestionably heated conversation, he is stressed to return the heated gas oil furnace that he installed back to the Heating plus A/C supplier the next day.

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