I caught kids throwing rocks at my window air conditioner yesterday

When I first moved into this apartment complex, no one under the age of 30 was allowed to live here.

  • Each year the age cutoff kept getting lower and lower.

When the apartments were sold to a new company three years ago, they removed the age requirement altogether and opened this place up to families with children of all ages. At first I wasn’t worried, as I’ve lived in neighborhoods with young kids at varying times throughout my life. We’ve all been kids before, and I remember having fun with my friends outside and potentially making noise that probably annoyed the adults in the neighborhood. I understand this when I see children playing outside, and these days it should be encouraged with all of the electronic devices that keep kids indoors. However, some of the kids at my apartment complex just want to cause trouble. Some of them have been busted trying to set fire to the mail boxes in the mail room. Another time they left animal feces in all of the elevators, although that was caught on camera and the kids responsible were found in minutes. Yesterday I caught a few kids throwing rocks at my window air conditioner from the ground below. I don’t know why they were throwing rocks at my window air conditioner in particular, but it seemed like they weren’t throwing them at any other air conditioner in the building . Since we all have window air conditioners, you can see at least 10 stick out windows on this side of the building. One of the rocks missed my air conditioner and left a crack in the glass in the window. I found out later that it was the same group of kids responsible for the elevator antics the month prior.

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