I converted a window a/c device into a portable space heating system to keep myself and others from chilly in the arctic

I converted a window cooling system into a portable space heating system one time to save our life.

I have been building and working on HVAC units almost our whole life.

I worked as a heating and cooling buyer maintenance personnel, then I was a heating expert, then I became an cooling system repairman, and most recently I have been working as an a/c device and gas furnace builder and inspector, then since I have so several years of experience, you could say that I am an expert heating and cooling serviceman. It was Last monththat our knowledge and experience with cooling system units made myself and others much more prepared for what was about to happen over our weekend. I decided to take a trip to the arctic to explore. As an HVACv serviceman, I only get a getaway once a year because people are regularly needing their central cooling system units and gas heating systems fixed. I decided this time to go for a hike in the arctic! One day while the people I was with and I were in our exploration, I got lost close to nightfall. I found an ancient abandoned shack that I found refuge in. For some reason, there was a window a/c device and a central a/c device in the corner of the shack. I knew if I didn’t act rapidly, our life as a heating and cooling expert would soon be over. I rapidly took apart the central a/c device and took some of the HVAC parts from it. Since there was no heating and cooling device at our disposal, I had to work with only a few cooling system and gas furnace tools I had obtained with myself and others just in case. I was able to make a gas furnace out of the units and survive.


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