I could take the heat, but my kids couldn’t go without a cooling system

I definitely don’t want to get going with all the old man sayings. My own father just worked me over with all of that. He is a very strong guy though. The original boot strap sort of guy who was raised dirt poor plus made himself into a major success. I grew up far easier than he did. Our dwelling was located in a section that had four seasons. However, there was no central air in our dwelling. All of us had a wood stove for the cold season however the hot season was never too boiling plus the fans did a good enough job. I practically lived on our sizable screened in porch during the hot season. It got cooled off inside the night. There is not a single memory I have of ever being too frigid or too sizzling. It was just always completely comfortable even without HVAC appliances. So, when the HVAC appliance I own went down with a full 6 weeks of summer time heat left, it got rather interesting. The kids just went nuts because they simply could not tolerate a life without constant HVAC appliance cooling. Our HVAC business was not able to get the current model installed for a little over a week. That was something that made me somewhat uncomfortable to think about. However, I didn’t get all crazy about it either. My family, on the other hand, acted as though it was the end of the world. They just went crazy as though I told them every one of us would no longer be able to feed, shelter or clothe them. Their first idea was to live in a hotel for the period of time. I told them that was a good idea as long as they paid for it.

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