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My beautiful wife enjoys crafting, painting, and also drawing. Because she works a lot, she rarely has enough time to enjoy these activities. For her birthday this year though, I wanted to do something particularly special! We have a little room on the top floor, that we use for storage and our Winter clothing. I had been thinking about turning this room into a small crafting room and a painting studio just for her. I spoke to a few of my friends in the construction industry, and they said they would help me complete the task. The biggest issue would be getting my wife out of the house. Lucky for me, her brother helped me out with that. He took her to the day spa for a few hours, which didn’t leave me much time at all! I had to install new flooring as well as paint the walls. I also bought a small window HVAC unit for the room. Since the sun consistently shines into the room, I knew it would make an awesome painting room. The natural light is excellent for doing artwork and drawing. The only drawback is that the light makes the room unreasonably hot and humid. The window unit should be able to help solve those problems. My friends and I utilized every bit of those hours we were given! We were just installing the Heating and Air Conditioning unit when my wife’s brother texted me. He said that they were on the way home, so I needed to make the final touches. When my sweetheart finally arrived at the house and saw the surprise, she cried for hours on end! She said it was the most amazing present she ever had received. She was also shocked that I kept the secret as long as I did, because I am usually bad at keeping things from her.

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