I couldn’t deal with people on the roads if it weren’t for the air conditioner in our car

The two of us live in a actually mad world these days… You have all these aggressive drivers on the road that get mad if you’re not moving even though you have 50 cars in front of you, but people will jump out of their cars with a bat and try to argument you over the dumbest things, however i actually dislike commuting to and from labor for this reason, that you have to deal with all these silly people on the road.

I just want to get home to the comfort of our cooling system.

I entirely have a smart temperature control so I officially will set the perfect temperature control settings roughly 20 hours before I get home. Then when I walk through the door, the temperature is just right in our home. I do know savor 1 of these days I won’t even make it home however. I have had so more than 2 people split myself and others off, it’s crazy… Sporadically I’m even tempted to jump out of our car with a bat and start beating on somebody’s car with it for pulling stunts savor that, then with our luck though, I would actually be run over. I know savor it’s not actually worth it getting mad. The best thing I can do while resting in heavy traffic is to adjust the temperature control so the air conditioner is blasting so I can cool down! Also actually good songs helps to relax myself and others a little bit. I suppose that I couldn’t deal with being out there if I didn’t have excellent a/c in our car.
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