I couldn’t remember if I had registered the warranty.

Whenever we buy any kind of small appliance, large appliance, or even some kind of gadget, I go online immediately and I register it.

I want to make sure the warranty has been activated even before we begin using the item. When we got our new air conditioning unit, I was going to do the same thing. Unfortunately, they didn’t even get the AC unit installed before the HVAC tech realized they had delivered the wrong AV unit. We now had to wait a couple of days before they delivered the proper AC unit. When the new unit was delivered, the HVAC tech was there and ready to install it. The pad for the AC unit had been properly placed, the ductwork was ready to be connected to, and the electrical wiring was all set up. All he had to do was the basic installation and make sure it was ready to go for summer. When he was done, there was something wrong. The thermostat was not turning on the air conditioner. He knew he had everything connected properly. Being fairly new to the HVAC company, he asked if we minded if he called one of the senior techs to come in and give him a hand. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I decided not to register the air conditioning unit until everything was under control and it was working properly. By the time they figured out that the battery was dead in the thermostat, I couldn’t remember if I had registered just the AC unit or if I had also done the warranty. I had to go online and recheck what I had done.


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