I decided not to argue

The awful temperatures are swiftly going down. I have seen that the trees are losing leaves once a day. I have to rake the backyard once a morning, plus there are new leaves everyday. We have a good deal of birch, cherry, plus beach trees in our backyard. They caused a lot of issues to the pool, because the air filter is always filled with leaf debris plus dirt. The pool guy comes a few times each month plus it cost a lot of cash. I cannot afford to pay more money, plus I task a few hours once a week. The tree leaves have also lead to a significant problem with my cooling as well. The cooling compressor is located near the house, in the back. There are always debris around the ac compressor, however last month, the cooling would not work. I contacted our cooling service center plus they sent a worker that same day. The first thing they had seen was all of the birch plus beach leaves in the backyard. As soon as they removed the cover from the cooling compressor, both of us could see thousands of them. The cooling service contractor told me this was the concern with it working or not. The leaves were a big time build-up. The cooling compressor was not receiving enough help to task properly. The cooling service contractor advocated some choices to help with this concern too. We had to pay a lot of money for that cleaning appointment in the home.

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