I decided to get the tune-ups

When I was growing up my parents never had their heating and cooling system well looked after.

In fact, it was very common of us to have frequent breakdowns of our heating and cooling system and as a result of this we as kids got used to having really hot summers and very cold Winters because half the times the heating and AC system wouldn’t be working like it was supposed to because my parents didn’t bother what’s the heating and cooling tune-ups from our HVAC business.

As a kid, I thought this was normal and that it was just something everyone did. I thought the heating and AC units were unreliable and would just always frequently break down. On the off occasion when my parents did mention heating and AC service and tune-ups, they would always mention how much of a waste of time they were and that the HVAC technicians were always looking to steal your money. I really didn’t know any better and so growing up I thought this was true. It wasn’t until I moved out of my parents house and got on my own but I realized how wrong they are. Don’t misunderstand me, my parents are great people and they always did their best for us. Unfortunately, they just didn’t believe in taking care of their Heating and cooling unit and the results showed. Now that I live on my own I’m always having my heating and AC system regularly serviced and maintained. I have noticed there has been such a difference between how my HVAC unit functions compared to how our HVAC unit functioned when I was growing up. Mine almost never breaks down and even if it does, it is normally something small and easy to fix. It has only ever broken down once and that was only during a very hot heat wave during an unusually heated summer. It has done fine ever since then and I’m sure it will continue to do so.

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