I decided to go with the healthier option

Years ago, I moved into this small community & I kind of figured it would be enjoy the big & bustling city.

I wouldn’t suppose many people, & they wouldn’t care to suppose myself and others either, but to our surprise, I was wrong.

This little small community was undoubtedly close knit, & I ended up meeting almost pretty much everyone. It is a entirely nice little community, but 1 of our closest friends I met there was a Heating & A/C specialist. I met him when she came out to service the cooling machine. When she discovered the cheap quality plastic air filter I had in there, she provided myself and others a lecture, which I didn’t appreciate, even though the two of us started off on the wrong foot, the two of us later made up & had a budweiser at the bar, however anyways, she is now the main lady to take care of our Heating & A/C devices, something she doesn’t mind at all, since she loves taking care of air conditioners & oil furnaces. Anyways, a few weeks ago she came back out for Heating & A/C tune ups, & she noticed once again that I still had that cheap quality air filter. Instead of a lecture, she pulled myself and others to the side & explained why it’s so bad to have that kind of air filter in our cooling component; She was only telling myself and others this as a friend, not because she was trying to sell something to me, so I decided to go with the healthier option, & get a HEPA air filter. She seemed undoubtedly ecstatic with our decision, & told myself and others our will have a much longer lifespan.

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