I did everything that was needed

I regularly enjoyed my mother’s cooking when I was young, just as any kid would. Sometimes, I’d get the chance to cook with her and that’s when she taught me secret recipes that were passed down to her. She had this incredible recipe book that I was fascinated by, mostly by the sheer weight of the thing! I noticed that when every one of us cooked, the entire house would steam up from the heat out of the stovetop and oven. Sometimes, we’d be forced to turn the thermostat down a few degrees, just for the cool air to counteract all the warm, humid air coming from the kitchen. Dad was saying it was time to get an a/c system tune-up any time he came home during my cooking adventures, and I was never sure of what he meant by that. Still, he called this place in town, which he referred to as “the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier”. In turn, they sent this guy who was referred to as an Heating & Air Conditioning service technician. I asked the guy what his job was when he arrived, and with a grin he explained it was an acronym. “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning – the systems that keep your home cool and comfy!” that’s how he described it. While working on my a/c system, mom and I decided to bake some delicious cookies for this talented, knowledgeable repair technician as a thank-you. We couldn’t use the a/c while cooking, so out came the oscillating fans to run throughout the kitchen. Having endured the heat, we eagerly approached the guy after he was done with his work, feeling the cool air conditioning system blowing once again. He looked almost surprised, but then quickly happy to see that we brought him a handful of warm, soft-baked cookies to take with him as a treat for his work. Of course, the heating and air conditioning technician was paid for his services, but he happily took the cookies as a tip!

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