I did it all myself

I was very proud of myself for accomplishing what I did the other month.

I had this old hot water boiler for my heating and I was going to be upgrading.

However, I did not want to pay a ton of money to have the heating and air conditioning company come to disassemble and knock down the hot water boiler. So I took to the internet to watch some instructional videos and see if I could learn to do it myself without causing any problems. And I actually did! I was able to totally unhook and take apart the hot water boiler so all that had to be done was to have a garbage hauling company come out to remove it and take it to the big dumpster! This saved me several hundred dollars, maybe even more. If I had the local heating and air conditioning company do it, the process would have taken several hours and they charge by the hour. Plus they had the up front fee for the type of old HVAC equipment removal it was. To have the garbage hauling company remove the old disassembled hot water boiler it only cost me one hundred dollars and some change. The local heating and air conditioning company would have probably been close to eight or nine hundred dollars when all was said and done. I was very glad I thought to do my research and learn how to take down this old hot water boiler all by myself! I suggest to anyone else doing this task or similar to do it yourself and save!

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