I did learn a lot

When I was in school, my roommates & I couldn’t afford much besides food & rent, and it was a struggle, especially since all of us didn’t have central Heating, Ventilation, & A/C unit in our locale! Well, one afternoon my roommate & I noticed this window air conditioner device at the dumpster. We decided to open it up to see if it could work. Both of us were disappointed when we discovered that it wouldn’t even work when we plugged it in! That’s when I decided to tinker around with it instead of throwing it back out.

            I disassembled it & studied all the pieces. I even looked at some online videos to address complications with window air conditioner units. After quite some time of toiling with it, I found some loose connections & tightened everything up. I was hoping that maybe that was the solution to the problem & so I plugged it back in to test it. To our surprise, the air conditioner fired up & was working well. The cooling from that little air conditioner device was great! When I showed my roommates that I managed to repair the air conditioner unit, they were all excited & couldn’t wait to have it running, so all of us could cool off on these scorching scorching days.

              No more having to rely on stationary fans! My other roommate was saying I did a wonderful job at repairing that air conditioner unit. I told them I should think about becoming an Heating, Ventilation, & A/C worker, for that’s where the real money is… Ever since she said that, I have been thinking about attending a trade school instead of the school I was already attending.

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