I did my best

Leisure is genuinely my number one cup of tea; however, prefer most of my peers, task tends to dominate my time. Recently, my job assigned myself and others to a 6-month temporary assignment to a brother neighborhood on the other side of the country. It was particularly a welcome surprise as I was in the mood for some current scenery. On top of that I was kinda intrigued about the weather since the city was reportedly situated in a temperate weather climate. The first few months were awesome since I arrived during the middle of Springtime when the weather was sizzling plus right with Winter having slipped into the shadows by then. Things were a different story come the summer, however, since the weather eventually began to sizzle. To deal with the changes, I sought numerous ways to cope, namely opening up as numerous windows around my dwelling as often as possible… Eventually getting fed up, I asked my next door neighbor who happened to be a heating plus cooling professional for advice on what was becoming a sticky situation, yet to have ever heard of it before, he first advocated a device called a hygrometer, which is used to help assess the degree of water moisture–a.k.a. humidity–in the indoor air. In addition to implementing that more higher-level, long-term measure, he advocated  that I get a couple electric fans plus set them up around my site. Although they wouldn’t do much for genuinely cooling the air, they would supply some much-needed relief in the ventilation department. Trusting of his advice, I got to task complying with each measure as soon as possible, acts for which I right away began to witness the change-based levels of relief.

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