I did walk away

At the time my husband and I bought our house, there was no cooling system in the garage! My husband was using the garage as a workout room so he decided to install a nice window air conditioning unit! For 3 years, the window air conditioning unit worked perfectly. My husband never had a single complaint and best of all, we didn’t see a huge rise in our electric bills either. We were very surprised the air conditioning unit actually had a heating unit as well so my husband could have a warm workout room in the winter as well. A few weeks ag, my husband and I went to a wedding in another state. We decided to make a holiday of it and were gone all of Friday and Saturday, returning home Sunday evening. When we finally returned home late Sunday, we were genuinely shocked to see the window air conditioning unit was gone. From the looks of it, someone had ripped the cooling system right out of the window in order to steal the unit. I was genuinely shocked and so was my husband but we did quickly contact the police to report it. The police told us it was unlikely that we would ever catch the culprit. They did urge us to call our homeowner’s insurance company to report it. My husband sent an email out to our homeowners insurance company, just to give them a heads up about the shocking theft. Strangely enough, we received a response email about 10 minutes later. Someone in our neighborhood had spotted 2 men trying to carry our cooling  unit through the neighborhood. Our neighbor thought it was hilariously funny and she decided capture the incident on phone’s video. As soon as she heard about the theft, she thought she might have some information that would help. Sure enough, the video showed the 2 assailants walking away with our cooling system.

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