I didn’t have a HVAC maintenance and repair plan

When I bought my home, there was a new HVAC system installed.

We had all the paperwork and the owner even gave us the maintenance and repair plan information they had bought when they bought the HVAC system.

We called for our service during the fall. We wanted to have our furnace checked for any problem we may have during the winter. When the HVAC tech was finished, he gave us a bill. I showed him the maintenance agreement but he said that was for the old owner and not for us. We had to have our own maintenance agreement. I thought the maintenance agreement was on the HVAC system and not on the people who owned it, and I said so. He laughed at me and told me that I had thought wrong and wanted to know if I wanted to pay it now. I told him I wasn’t prepared to pay at that time and I would contact the HVAC company and pay by phone. I called the HVAC company the next day and I asked about the maintenance and repair plan that we had. He said that the normal policy was that the new owner had to have their own repair plan. Since we didn’t know, he was going to honor the maintenance and repair plan that we had. He was also going to come out to the house and talk to us about the maintenance and repair plan and the warranty that was on our HVAC system. I’m pretty sure they are going to tell us we need to purchase a new maintenance and repair plan.

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