I didn't hear any beeping coming from the machine

I was the emergency repair technician scheduled to work on Saturday and Sunday.

  • It was my only weekend that I had to work throughout the month, so I didn’t complain when my boss scheduled an early-morning installation job.

I was working on the air conditioner installation when an emergency call came into the dispatch center. As soon as I finished with the air conditioner installation, I immediately left that job and went right to the emergency call. A commercial customer was complaining about a very loud beeping sound coming from the air purifier. The air purifier is rented and serviced through our company, so we handle any and all problems that occur with the machine. When I finished the air conditioner installation, I called the owner of the business and I told her that I would arrive shortly. I quickly noticed the address on the repair ticket. It was an air purifier that I installed less than two weeks ago. It was a 20-minute drive from one location to the next. I didn’t hit any traffic, so it barely took fifteen minutes to reach the next location. When I arrived on scene, the air purifier wasn’t making any sound at all. I didn’t hear any beeping coming from the machine. It was absolutely quiet and running in perfect condition. I questioned the owner of the company about the sound, but she was very vague with her answer. I’m still not sure why she called me to service the air purifier. Clearly the machine was working just fine.

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