I didn’t mind the air conditioner

My best friend was showing on her smart thermostat to me. She was proud of how she could control her heater and air conditioner, from anywhere in the world, from her iPhone. I know she wasn’t trying to brag but she made me feel a little bad. I’m not poor, exactly, but I do live in a small apartment with a window air conditioner unit and a space heater. No central heating and air for me. My little portable units work great but there is not smart thermostats. Each unit has its own thermostat and I set it manually or with the little remotes that came with them (if I can find them). And so I said “that’s neat” when my friend was showing off her smart thermostat but wasn’t real interested in something I can never use. Then she said, “I got one for you too”. I guess the shock showed on my face because she went on, “The one I got you works with window air conditioners. You just put it under the air conditioner and it works like a remote”. She then went on to tell me how mine can work just like hers. It can be set to turn on and off and different times of the day and I can control the temperature from my Android. I was shocked. It looked like the smart thermostat can even learn my habits and work independently to keep my place comfortable. I can’t wait to set it up and try it out. Looking on the back, it looks like the smart thermostat will work with my window air conditioner but not my heater. There are heaters that it does work with though so, if I like the way it works with the A/C, I might just get one of those heaters for the cooler months.

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