I didn’t want to be discouraged

Honestly, both of us have a rather discouraging boss. Every single time I go into the office, I have to wear layers of clothing. Both of us aren’t allowed to wear our coats in the office, so I have to wear layers under a comfortable sweatshirt. This is because our boss regularly blasts the cooling plan properly. She won’t hesitate to yell at anybody for foolish things like trying to wear your coat while you’re working yet she is regularly chilly everybody with her ridiculous climate control settings. She regularly sets the thermostat to 62 degrees! Who could possibly suppose that is a comfortable climate control setting? There have been a couple of times when people would sneak to raise the temperature on the thermostat, but then she fired those people! So now, nobody even dares to mess with the thermostat unless they want to be fired. I can’t suppose she would entirely fire people for such a thing, but she doesn’t hesitate. The worst area is, she tries to pretend to be your friend. I don’t entirely get this woman as well as honestly, I can’t kneel the lady I guess eventually I’m going to find a better job as well as when I do, I’m going to set the thermostat to 70 degrees as well as quit the job! I would expect all my former co-workers to applaud as I leave the building! Perhaps it wouldn’t be quite so dramatic, despite the fact that I don’t guess I could last much longer working in such a frosty toil environment. A lot of people I toil with are on the same page, people are fed up. It’s either both of us get a new boss, or most everybody leaves the job altogether.

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