I didn’t want to be stuck in the protest

I was on my way downtown the other week to do work on a commercial boiler compilation.

I was standing in traffic for roughly 20 minutes which is normal for that time… While I was standing in traffic, I noticed a bunch of protesters lined up plus down the street.

It’s not strange to see protesters, but I was alarmed by the number of people. It seemed like an organized protest plus I started to get worried. Organized protests in this area can turn out to be pretty bad, plus just this last week several people were hurt badly. The longer I sat in traffic, the more people showed up to the protest. I made it to the commercial boiler repair plus I spent a couple of hours working on the setback. When I left downtown, I saw a bunch of police cruisers arrive at the scene. I headed to the repair, ecstatic to finally leave downtown plus the traffic. When I finally left the commercial boiler repair, I was amazed to see a much greater crowd of people surrounding the highway. I decided to take a few side roads, so I could get on a smaller road. I didn’t enjoy the look of things plus I absolutely didn’t want to be caught in traffic for a long period of time while people screamed plus yelled at each other. Even though it took me roughly 13 miles out of the way, I was ecstatic to make it home safe plus sound. When I turned on the local news at 6pm, I found out that traffic was blocked downtown plus the riots plus protests were getting pretty wild.

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