I didn't want to sit under the AC vent

When the boss called a meeting on Monday morning, I was the last person to make it to the office. I ended up with that worst seat. Nobody likes to sit in the back left corner of the office under the AC vent. The boss likes when the temperatures are extremely cold and frigid. The guy sets the thermostat to 67 degrees as soon as he comes into the building in the morning. That means the AC is running on full blast during the first meeting of the day. I got stuck sitting under the AC air vent and it was hard to concentrate during the meeting. I could feel my teeth chatter. I wanted to get up and grab the sweater from my desk, but I knew my boss would think I was being rude if I got up in the middle of his speech and lecture. I did the only thing that I could. I sat there and braved the extremely cold and frigid temperatures. My hands were blue when the meeting ended. I went right to the bathroom and ran them under some warm water. It took 30 or 40 seconds before there was any feeling in my hands. One of my co-workers walked into the bathroom while I was washing my hands. She made a comment about being the last person to the meeting. She knew that I got stuck under the AC air vent. It wasn’t the first time someone got stuck in the position, but it was my first time. I wish someone would stand up to this guy and say something.


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