I don’t know if he’s okay or not

I do suppose that our sibling may just be totally crazy.

The reason I suppose this is because the guy lives separate from any heating and cooling system.

I don’t just mean that he chooses to live an alternative lifestyle, without HVAC devices in his home. I realize some people have stopped using their central heating and cooling unit in favor of a smaller area furnace or a window air conditioner system, my best neighbor only uses a ductless mini cut air conditioner… Using an unusual kind of heating and cooling system is not what I find weird. What I find to be strange is that our sibling does not actually want to use ANY kind of heating and cooling system. He doesn’t even use fans! The only freaking way that he believes is acceptable to stay cool is to swim. He is the type that thinks the basic indoor heating and air conditioner system is spying on them, that there are hidden mics and cameras everywhere. He even called HVAC corporations evil…. I entirely wasn’t really positive how to respond to that 1, however everyone in our family has tried to explain heating and cooling devices to him, that heating and cooling system technology has helped people and he just will not listen. We were entirely getting upset about him last year when a serious blizzard hit the neighborhood. He had only a small fireplace that he used for warmth and that was enough to get him through. Now his views have caused all the people to have a strained relationship with him because he honestly won’t even come over to our homes because both of us have HVAC equipment. We only hope that he is ok.

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