I don’t know why some people love space heaters

I really don’t understand why some people love space heaters so much.

I have never really liked having to use a space heater for anything at all because I feel like they are dangerous.

Space heaters always seem like they are fire hazards, in my opinion. It just doesn’t make sense to have something that’s moveable that is also capable of giving off a lot of heat. I just don’t think that it’s ever a good idea to have something that you can plug in that will totally start heating up your room! It just doesn’t seem right to me. I think that all heating should come through air vents that are permanently attached to your floor or the ceiling. I think that furnaces were invented for a reason, and that people should just use furnaces instead. They seem like a much safer alternative if you ask me. Space heaters can be too easily misused. It’s very easy to accidentally throw something on top of a space heater or to knock one over. You can also just have it sitting too close to your bed or to the curtains, and that’s a terrible fire hazard! I really don’t understand why some people insist on using space heaters at all. My aunt swears by her little electric space heater, and she uses it every winter. I hate it, though! I’m always afraid that one day I’m going to find out that her house burned down in the middle of the night. I keep telling her that it worries me, but she loves that little space heater for some unknown reason!


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