I don’t let my kids adjust the thermostat to the central HVAC system

I love my children and try to make them happy as well as I can, but I have always been firm with rules and boundaries.

Their room is their domain, but it is a privilege and they must maintain and care for their domain if they want to keep it.

That’s why I insist that they clean their rooms daily so they don’t have the chance to allow it to become a wreck. They also have their duties regarding chores around the house. My son is in charge of mowing the lawn, taking out the garage, and replacing the air conditioner filter. My daughter dusts, vacuums, sweeps, and mops the house each week. Between the two of them, they do whatever chores that my husband and I simply don’t have the time to complete. But forcing them to learn responsibility at an early age will benefit them both in the long run. It’s also important to create firm rules as well. They have a 10pm curfew and neither of them is allowed to adjust the thermostat without asking. Sometimes if one of them feels really hot inside, I will give them my consent to lower the temperature by a few degrees. Otherwise, they are instructed to leave the thermostat alone. Since my husband and I are so firm with our rules, they are good about following them. I haven’t caught either of them messing with the thermostat without our permission in at least three or four years. I love my kids and I’m proud of the people they’re growing into. They’re both driven and responsible, especially with their studies.



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