I don’t like animals much

I often perform commercial repairs and replacements around my condo.

It’s an area of my job as an HVAC repair dealer. A bulk of my day is spent running around the neighborhood from a single condo community to the next. I have seven official condo buildings that I repair on my route. These sites are run down and aged so they often require tons of repairs. Last Friday, I went over to the west side to labor on an A/C repair. That particular customer tied up the A/C repair on Friday and that was our first option to labor on the problem. The A/C program was still running, so the belabored customer did not feel it was an emergency. When the condo building employer eventually found out that the two of us were going to repair the A/C on Friday afternoon, she quickly alerted the owner of the condo so they could put up all of their creatures. They apparently have numerous massive dogs in the space, but unluckyly, the dedicated owner of the condo did not remember to kennel the dogs. As soon as I went out and knocked on the door, the dogs started to growl and bark. I could tell they clearly were on the other side of the door, because they were banging on the door with their huge paws. I talked to the employer of the condo building and I informed her of the ongoing problem. She apologized for the issue and asked if the two of us could reschedule the entire repair for it the following day. I didn’t mind coming back. I absolutely wasn’t going to rush off to enter the premises with those dogs howling in the background! They very well could have been the sweetest dogs in the world, however they sounded more like Cujo.

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