I don’t want bro culture in the workplace

I actually work in a bro type of business, however sadly this is becoming more in addition to more common.

Young professionals are becoming more focused on looking cool and actually promoting themselves on social media. It is about how much currency they can spend rather than earn. There are a few gentlemen at the workplace who are turning our contractor into a bro style of workplace. It is all about going on trips, happy hours and also looking cool. Hardly any work is being accomplished. Sadly, most of these bros are salesmen for the dealer. We really have not seen an increase in business because of them slacking off altogether. I haven’t been particularly sure what to do. I am supposed to manage these men, but how can I change their personalities in addition to the actual work climate? I talked around to other supervisors in addition to they all suggested that I talk to a business consultant. The business consultant would be able to help me actually push the social climate in the contractor in a completely different direction. Evidently, a business consultant will have ideas on what to try and things to ban around the office environment. I have found a contractor online that does corporation consulting and also leadership workshops. It’s clear that I want to talk to someone one on one to help me manage our people. I am also wondering if it would be a smart move to bring our team of bros into a workshop. Perhaps they will benefit hearing about how they are actually ruining our dealer. They might be able to actually see poor behavior and have a desire to change. It might not be a terrible idea.


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