I don’t want to be dramatic

A few days ago, I saw an ad on the television while I was taking a break for work. It was one of those really cheesy and dramatic ads where the product or service that they are promoting seems far too good to actually be true. Ninety nine percent of the time I just laugh and ignore these but this one happened to catch my attention because of the situation I was in. My apartment’s old and not so trusty heated gas furnace had just broken down a week ago and it had yet to be fixed. I had called the local HVAC heating and cooling service company, but the fee to have them repair my unit was far out of my price range. Since it had been broken down, I had just been relying on double layers of warm clothes and hot chocolate to keep me warm enough. The ad on the tv said that they can repair any heating and cooling unit in under an hour, for a fraction of the price that the HVAC company said they could do it for. To my complete surprise, when the guys from the television showed up, they did just that! The repair man they sent was very funny and efficient. He even stopped along the way to show me some tips and tricks on how to extend the life of my heating unit. Nine out of ten of those ads on the television are total fakes, but I am very happy that the one I took a leap of faith on was the real deal.

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