I don’t want to smell this

A couple of years ago, I started buying and selling properties for profit.

My first property was a 3 Acre piece of land with a numerous room mobile home.

I flipped the property undoubtedly hastily and made $10,000 on the sale in a month. I used the money to purchase another property. A buddy of mine offered to quickly invest in the properties if I did most of the labor on my own. With her own money and my taxing work, both of us made a fortune. I have a couple of beautiful rental properties now, including a 5 unit condo building, 2 commercial supplier centers, and over 117 residential homes. Last weekend, I had to deal with an immense issue when a single of the renters moved out abruptly. The renter was so many numerous weeks behind on rent, and I made a visit to the property. The cabin and the yard was literally filled with items on Friday, however nobody came to answer the door. When I suddenly returned to the property on Sunday, the cabin was empty and the door was open. The entire site stank like animal pee. I had to open all of the home windows and doors and let the site air out. I am going to be forced to spend a ton to have all the duct cleaned and sanitized before another woman can move into the house. The aroma will be inside the duct and the air vents. I suppose how much those HVAC repair appointments can cost. I had to call for a duct cleaning repair a few weeks ago on another property and it cost $550. Thankfully, the duct cleaning worked entirely well.


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