I ended up having groceries delivered to my house after facing poor air quality at the store

I usually have a hard time going into the store with just a mask on. It makes it difficult for me to breathe and I normally get a headache even after being in the store for as long as 10 minutes. I mean, I get it, it’s like having an air filter for your face so that you don’t get the dangerous virus going around. Unfortunately, it seems to cut off my supply of oxygen at the same time. Well, the other day when I went into the store, I wanted to get a bunch of items at the grocery store. Unfortunately when I went in the store, the air quality was really bad. It was so terrible, I could hardly breathe at all while wearing my mask. I honestly had to take off my mask, and I still couldn’t breathe. I started having a panic attack and I just left my cart in the store with the few food items and left so that I could get some fresh air outside. The air quality outdoors is always so much better than being indoors. I didn’t bother to talk to anybody or anything, I just assumed that they were having issues with either their air purification system or the air filters. I wasn’t going to flag down one of the workers in the store because I think I would have passed out from not being able to breathe. I felt so thankful just to be able to get some fresh air. I considered going to another store, but I felt like I experienced enough trauma with poor air quality for the day. When I got back home where my air quality is on point thanks to my air purification system and HEPA air filters, I decided to order some groceries online to have delivered to my house.
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