I enjoyed all those challenges

I think that out of all my friends, it took me the longest to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Actually, I take that back, one of my friends actually still works at a fast food joint. I always tell him that he should move on with his life and really do something he enjoys. I realize it’s difficult for people to find something they honestly enjoy, but it’s great because then it doesn’t really seem like work. Well, I love what I do and yes, it is work but people appreciate what I do. I am an HVAC technician. I decided before I graduated high school that I wanted to pick up some sort of trade so that I would be able to get a great job and not have to goto college for such a lengthy amount of time. Becoming an HVAC technician was the best thing for me because I was able to get my certification in 6 months and I started making a good amount of money working as an HVAC technician. I learned that the demand for HVAC technicians is really high and you make a good amount of money in the heating and cooling industry. It just made perfect sense to me because I thought about the fact that heating and cooling maintenance and repair is needed basically everywhere you go. I don’t know about other countries, but in this country, I can’t imagine being in a building without a properly working HVAC system. I really love responding to service calls and I especially enjoy the challenges.

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