I finally realized that I forgot to replace my air filter

I can’t believe that I forgot to replace the air filters on my HVAC units for so long.

I literally didn’t even think about the air filter in my HVAC unit.

For some reason, the only thing that I worried about when it came to my HVAC units was making sure that the HVAC units were actually working. As long as my furnace still blew warm air and my central air conditioner blew cold air, I didn’t really think about my HVAC units. However, that was clearly a mistake. I forgot how much an air filter does for an HVAC unit, but I eventually learned. Your air filter is the only thing that is keeping the air in your house clean, and if you forget to change the air filter in your furnace or central air conditioner, you might be breathing very dusty and nasty air. However, the effects of the air filter on your HVAC units are even more important than this. The air filter of your HVAC unit can ruin your HVAC unit if you don’t change it often, and this turned out to be a huge problem for me. I noticed that I was getting sick more often because of the poor air quality of my HVAC unit, and I noticed that my HVAC unit was not working properly. It wasn’t until I finally called the HVAC technician that I figured out what the problem was. The HVAC technician had to repair a few things, but he told me that I wouldn’t have had a problem if I would have remembered to change the air filter.

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