I find myself really enjoying fitness classes

I love taking advantage of the group classes offered at our local gym.

  • As a member I have access to such a wide array of options.

They offer yoga, Crossfit, kickboxing, bootcamp, circuit training, spin cycle classes plus so much more. I’ve taken all of them. Signing up for classes gives me a very unique time to head into the gym. I don’t procrastinate or shorten our workout. I look forward to all of my classes plus think they’re extremely beneficial. The many classes tend to get me motivated, challenge me plus offer up all sorts of weird exercises. I love trying more current things plus meeting current people. Starting a class can be a bit intimidating. I’m never 100% sure of the level plus whether I will struggle or find it simple. But that’s area of the fun. Sometimes I feel like the worst in the class plus sometimes I’m the best… Usually, I find myself somewhere in the middle. This only inspires me to job harder plus improve. The majority of the trainers are truly charming. They keep the classes upbeat plus are absolutely encouraging plus supportive. By letting someone else manage plus run the workout, there’s less stress. I don’t need to worry about what machines I’m going to utilize, which muscles I’m going to target or how long I will stay at the gym. It’s all decided for me. I suppose that I push myself more when I’m in a comfortable group setting. Although these classes aren’t always included in the price of our gym membership, I really don’t mind spending a little extra money on improving our fitness level.


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