I finished up the installation

Last week there was a weather alert that said that there was going to be a snowstorm overnight. It said that the weather was going to turn legitimately nasty all of a abrupt and that both of us might be in for over a foot of snow! This was news to me, since the temperature in our section had been unseasonably sizzling this whole Wintertime, but the weatherman said to expect a vast drop in the temperature and to prepare for a lot of snow. So I decided to call our local HVAC company to have them come out and double check our furnace system. Since the temperatures had been so mild around here, I legitimately had neglected to get our furnace plan checked out this year. Usually I have the HVAC company come out to the lake house and do a yearly maintenance check on the furnace before the Wintertime starts. I recognize Mother Nature fooled myself and others this year by keeping the weather so warm, and I absolutely forgot about the whole furnace maintenance thing. Thank goodness that I remembered before the snowstorm hit, though! The HVAC maintenance crew came to the lake house and did a thorough maintenance check and repair on our oil furnace right before the skies opened up and the snow started to fall! It snowed all the rest of the afternoon and night, and then it snowed all night long. I was undoubtedly thankful for my oil furnace and how well it was performing thanks to the HVAC maintenance guys that came out to our lake house on short notice!