I flooded the basement of a house that I was renting

Have you ever rented a house while you were on vacation? I had never done it before, however somebody proposed that instead of renting a room in a hotel, I could rent someone’s house while they were away and make it my house for a week! After the experience that I went through, I don’t recognize if I will ever try that again, however it all happened because of their stupid furnace… They had an old boiler in the basement, and that boiler was supposed to heat the entire house, then however, when I got to the house, it was obvious that the heating plan was not laboring… Now, I wasn’t going to try to mess with the furnace, because I have no idea how to service a heating plan of any kind.

The owner called an Heating & A/C professional, and I had to wait until the Heating & A/C component was fixed.

I didn’t recognize that I was supposed to keep the temperature control off until the heating plan was fixed, somehow the boiler kept trying to run, and all of the pressure was building up inside the boiler until it started leaking. Soon, I began hearing rushing water in the basement of the house, and the Heating & A/C professional arrived at precisely that moment. The Heating & A/C professional and I worked for an minute until the water stopped pouring from the furnace, and the entire basement was flooded at this point… Renting a house that isn’t my own doesn’t seem like such a nice idea anymore.


a/c representative