I found a system that worked for me

I am just not at the same period of life that our friends are at. Basically all of our highschool friends just got married & had kids, and I went to college, got a job & bought my first property. Every one of us all feel all of us are successful, but don’t understand the other person’s success. For example, our friend Taylor lives in a little shack & has three kids, however he consistently is boasting about his kids walking, talking or learning how to do something. I just feel exhausted for her. She has no free time, her fiance is never around & her beach house is awful. I also don’t want to talk about his kids all of the time, what is excited in our life is super different. I am legitimately pumped up about our radiant floors. I feel our radiant floors are way more impressive than his kids; Taylor’s kids cry all of the time, while my heated flooring is silent… Also, it is made to do what I want. The heating proposal warms our floors to the temperature control setting I want it at. It does not make a huge deal about heating, it just provides myself and others temperature control. Taylor’s kids also cost his a ton of currency. She is regularly buying diapers, bottles & food. My radiant flooring proposal is basically self satisfactory. It needs little heating repair & service. It also saves myself and my partner currency. None of our heated air rises to the ceiling, since it is radiant heat. It just sticks to the flooring level. I feel I made out better than our friend with our investment.

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