I found a way to stay cool when the AC went out

The worst time of the year for the AC device to stop working is absolutely while in the Summer season, then i have had some trouble with the AC in my house for the past month; The device decided to finally stop working and I had to call an cooling system maintenance service.

  • The cooling system maintenance maintenance was unable to send someone to help on sale the next day.

I had to spend the entire night without cool air in the house. I knew it was going to be a miserable night without AC, so I tried to come up with some interesting and innovative ways to stay cool. I read some information on the internet and I found some clever ideas that I thought would work. One of the ideas was to take a easily frosty and wet towel and locale it in front of the fan; As the air passes through the fan, it is cooled by the wet towel and usually 10 or 15 degrees cooler than the air in the house. This was the first plan that I tried and it sincerely worked easily well. I sited a wet towel in front of both of the fans and the home office. I managed to sleep for a couple of hours that night. It wasn’t wonderful sleep, even though I wasn’t groggy in the afternoon. The maintenance contractor arrived at 9:30 and the woman immediately started working on the cooling system problem, but she told myself and others that the method was out of refrigerant. It was pretty fancy to replace the refrigerant, but it did fix the problem. As soon as the component was filled up, frosty air started coming out of the vents again.


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