I found my new best friend at a group fitness training class

I had a lot of difficulty meeting any friends when I moved to my current city. My job options were limited in my home state. Even though I completed undergraduate school with honors, I still couldn’t find a job position in my city or even in the borders of my state. I didn’t want to move away for work, but I wasn’t content working in retail for the rest of my life either. There were older coworkers there that seemed like defeated people with no hopes and dreams left in life. The thought of turning into a person like that scared me into a vicious job search that took up hours of my time each day before I went to my soulless job at the local shopping mall. When I finally found my current job, I wasn’t happy at the prospect of moving to the south, let alone to a state I had never even seen before. Thankfully, the community where my apartment is located is charming, safe, and peaceful. As a last ditch effort to meet other people my age, I decided to get a gym membership so I could join a few different group fitness training classes. The fitness centers in my city have a lot of options and amenities for people of all ages and body types. I joined a gym and asked to see the list of courses offered for people in my age range. It was exciting to see a cross fit class so I joined. Now I have a new best friend that I met in the group cross fit class. We listen to the same bands and also play guitar and keyboards as well. It’s nice to know someone who you can get drinks with on the weekends to unwind from a tough work week.

Gym membership