I got a job and bought my own air conditioner

My parents were completely against buying an air conditioner for our home. They told me that people had survived for thousands of years without having an air conditioner and that we would survive without an air conditioner too. Now, if the trouble was that the outside temperatures were a little warm, then I wouldn’t mind not having an air conditioner. However, I live in the South, where it is way too warm all of the time. My biggest complaint was that I was having trouble sleeping because of how hot my room was. I needed an air conditioner really badly, but there was nothing they would do. However, I was a teenager, and there were ways for me to get a new air conditioner without having to go through them. I had a job, and the only thing that I had to pay for was my car insurance and my gas to go to work. For a few weeks, I skimped on everything else and saved up enough money for an air conditioner. I didn’t buy the fanciest air conditioner, because I thought that there was no reason for me to get the nicest air conditioner. I bought the cheapest air conditioner that you can buy at the store. My room is small, and it wouldn’t take much power to keep it cool. Now, I have an air conditioner in my room, and if my parents complain about the cost of the air conditioner reflected on the electric bill, I can pay for that as well. It feels so nice to buy my own air conditioner.
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