I got fed up with the system

My parents have carried on through their old age like champions, but I still lend my hand around their house whenever I’m available.

See, it all started out with stringing lights and other decorations for Christmas.

This ritual was something the people I was with and I did since I was a teenager, and my fondest memories come from helping my mother with holiday festivities, or my dad with cutting wood for the fireplace. Of course I’m blissful every year the people I was with and I get a chance to celebrate once again, but I’ll be honest – their health isn’t as superb anymore. I don’t know how many more holidays I’ll get with them, so I try to convince my dad to let me do things for him – same with my mom. Last week, I painted my parents’ home as a surprise while they were going away on a small trip out of town for a few days. I managed to get a whole bundle of things off their to-do list as well, most importantly being the service for their aged Heating in addition to A/C system. I feared that my parents might inevitably start neglecting their heating in addition to cooling equipment and trust me, I was right! The filter was totally plugged beyond recognition, and I couldn’t get the temperature in the home to dip below 75 degrees even if I covered the floor in ice. I went as far as reading tutorials on how to service the air conditioner, nit eventually I relented and decided it was time to let a professional HVAC specialist come and do the repairs. The first thing the specialist did was substitute the evaporator coil in the air handler and that made a huge difference. He installed a new drip line to substitute the cracked one too, and with that the A/C system was running far smoother than any point in the past decade. Hats off to the HVAC technician!

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