I got me a bunch of thermostats and HVAC parts

Trash digging isn’t what some people think it is.

The snobs think that if you are trash digging, you are probably homeless. They think of trash digging as going through the trash bins and looking for food. I am a snob of a trash digger. I only go through the trash of the most highly rated stores. I have good reasons for going through their trash. I am an ebay entrepreneur and I am always looking for new things to add to my ebay store. Lately, I have found out that anything that has to do with heating or air conditioning can bring a really nice price. If people are looking for a deal on HVAC parts, then they have come to the right place if they come to me. I want to only give them quality HVAC parts, but they are getting them for really cheap. I was skulking around behind a HVAC company about a month ago. I came home with a couple boxes of brand new thermostats. More recently, I picked up some window air conditioners that were still in the boxes. Who wouldn’t want an air conditioner if they could get them at half price. The boxes were a little dented, but that was all that was wrong with the AC unit. I had a friend of mine who is an HVAC technician, go over the AC units before I put them up for sale. He never asks me where I get my inventory from and I don’t offer any information. He has even bought some parts from me, if he had a customer that was on a limited budget.
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